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Let’s Get This Thing on the Road Already!

Apr 14th, 2013 by  Edit |


Well I retired in 2010 from the FAA. I worked for almost 32 years as an air traffic controller. I got hired right before the 1981 PATCO strike when President Ronald Reagan fired some 14,000 controllers. That sure was a hectic and scary time to be a union member and controller. Needless to say I did not agree with PATCO’s stand on their issues so I stayed on and completed a 31+ year career. Now it’s on to the next phase of my life……….grand children (YAY!!) and travelling with my wife Diane.

First, as mentioned above, I am a brand new grandparent or Gampaw. In March 2012 my oldest daughter Christy had a beautiful baby girl named Isabella. Then in June of that same year my younger daughter Angela had another beautiful baby girl and named her Caroline. So, now that has changed my world forever. Gammaw and Gampaw still want to travel as much as possible but we have new considerations and priorities in our lives. Like we tell our kids, you try to plan out and live your life and then life (reality) gets in the way.

3-31-13 IMG_2080 cardpic

Now……on to this travel thing. Oh, we did have one other slight bump in the road. Diane just had total knee replacement surgery on her left knee.

The scar on Diane's left knee after her surgery.

The scar on Diane’s left knee after her surgery.

Okay, so maybe now we can get on with this travel thing I’ve been talking about. For many years I have been wanting to go to Oshkosh, WI for EAA Airventure. What is EAA Airventure? Only the biggest, baddest, airshow in the world. This turns out to be the year – we are going to Oshkosh. We plan on camping our way up there, stay for the whole week and take in aviation at it’s best and then camping our way back to MD and then to home in FL.

Stay tuned……….more to come.